Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Secret intelligence has an unusually public role in the Ukraine war.

LONDON UK: The war in Ukraine is the conflict where spies came in from the cold and took center stage. Since Russia invaded its neighbor...

The U.S. imposes fresh sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine invasion.

BRUSSELS/WASHINGTON: The United States on Thursday imposed fresh sanctions on Russia. Targeting dozens of Russian defense companies. Hundreds of members of its parliament, and...

Poland orders expulsion of 45 Russians suspected of spying.

WARSAW, Poland: Poland ordered the expulsion of 45 Russians whom the government identified as intelligence officers. Using their diplomatic status as cover to operate...

Putin wants ‘unfriendly countries’ to pay rubles for gas.

MOSCOW Russia: President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will demand that “unfriendly″ countries pay for Russian natural gas exports only in rubles from now...