Sunday, June 23, 2024
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NATO planes to be sent to Romania to eye Russian activity

Romania’s BUCHAREST: NATO announced that it would send three surveillance aircraft to Romania the next week. The purpose is to conduct reconnaissance flights and...

Poland-Ukraine ties seen as a target of Russian disinformation

WARSAW, Poland: Days before Poland’s Independence Day in November, vandals painted the blue-and-yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag on monuments in Krakow. The vandalism,...

Poland to end Russian oil imports; Germany warns on gas.

WARSAW, Poland: Poland announced steps to end all Russian oil imports by year’s end. While Germany issued a warning about natural gas levels and...

Poland orders expulsion of 45 Russians suspected of spying.

WARSAW, Poland: Poland ordered the expulsion of 45 Russians whom the government identified as intelligence officers. Using their diplomatic status as cover to operate...