EU officials visit Kyiv as Russia strikes civilian target

KYIV, Ukraine: Leading representatives of the European Union arrived in Kyiv. For talks with Ukrainian authorities as rescue workers combed through the debris of an apartment complex in eastern Ukraine. That had been hit by a Russian missile. Resulting in at least three fatalities and about 20 injuries.

Nearly a year after Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The devastation in the eastern Donetsk province city of Kramatorsk, where rescue workers spent the night. Looking for survivors after the missile landed late Wednesday, served as a somber reminder of the war’s toll.

Despite the Kremlin’s denials, Russia has often attacked apartment buildings during the conflict, killing civilians in the process.

Before what officials referred to be a summit on Friday. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to meet with leaders. That includes European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EU foreign policy leader Josep Borrell.

The goal of the visit, according to Borrell’s tweet, was “to express EU’s strongest message of support. To all Ukrainians defending their nation.”

Since the commencement of Russia’s assault on February 24, he claimed, the EU has provided Ukraine with assistance of 50 billion euros ($55 billion).

“From the beginning, Europe was one with Ukraine. And will continue to support you as you triumph and rebuild,” tweeted Borrell.

Von der Leyen had come back four times since the invasion. The most recent meeting of this kind took place in Kyiv in October 2021, just before hostilities began.

The anti-corruption campaign in Ukraine was anticipated to be discussed at the meetings. A major topic of discussion will be Kyiv’s lengthy journey toward prospective membership in the 27-nation bloc. With the elimination of corruption being a crucial need for admission.

“We are here together to show that the EU stands behind Ukraine as firmly as ever,” Von der Leyen wrote on Twitter. And to strengthen even more our cooperation and assistance.”

On Wednesday, Zelenskyy targeted dishonest officials for the second time in a week. Numerous senior officials were remove from the duty.

Zelenskyy won the 2019 election on a platform of anti-establishment and anti-corruption in a nation long plagued by graft.

The most recent claims of corruption came while Western allies were sending billions of euros to Kyiv. To aid in the fight against Moscow’s forces and as the Ukrainian government was implementing reforms in preparation for eventual EU membership.

The warring parties are anticipated to begin new offensives once winter is gone. Therefore the Ukrainian government is eager to get additional military assistance from the West. In addition to the tanks promised last week. Now, Kiev is requesting fighter aircraft.

Providing F-16s to Ukraine has been rule out by US President Joe Biden. The goal of American assistance, according to U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who was in the Philippines on Thursday, is to improve Ukraine’s military capabilities by sending artillery, armor, air defense, and training Ukrainian troops.

The U.S. “focuse is on providing Ukraine the capability. That it needs to be effective in its upcoming anticipated counteroffensive in the spring,” Austin said.

“And so we’re doing everything we can to get them. The capabilities that they need right now to be effective on the battlefield,” he said.