At least 54 people were reported dead due to the severe weather that struck some parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The authorities said that the death of 24 people in Afghanistan has been attributed to a combination of snowfall and rains.

131 residential houses in the north, south and western parts of the country were also destroyed by flash floods.

The harsh weather conditions and avalanche danger has forced closures of many highways.

According to reports, some parts of Afghanistan were covered in up to six inches of snow.

The temperature in the capital Kabul fell less than 15 degrees Celsius. Its snowy period is said to last from the beginning of December to the end of March.

In Pakistan, 30 people were killed, mostly because of the collapse of roofs amid heavy snowfall. 

The temperatures plunged to as low as – 14°C on Monday night while heavy snowfall and strong winds nearly covered vehicles on National roads.

Hundreds of passengers were also stuck on the streets of Balochistan as a monstrous blizzard unleashed devastation.

Both Islamic Republics have been experiencing extreme snowstorms for a couple of days now, making it difficult for government workers to provide assistance and food to the affected families.