Spritzer Berhad, Malaysia’s largest producer of bottled water plans to boost its production capacity to 900 million bottles by next year to meet the increasing local and international consumer demand.

With 16 production lines, the company currently produces only 750 million of bottled waters yearly.

Datuk Lim Kok Boon, Spritzer’s managing director, said they plan to install two more high speed fully automated bottling lines in Shah Alam and Yong Peng before this year ends to improve manufacturing output.

“We certainly want to have a bigger market share in the bottled water industry. The group aims to grow its capacity and capability with more high-speed automated bottling lines,” he said.

The managing director furthered that a huge portion of the company’s capital expenditure was allocated for the setting up of the additional lines. They are also pushing for upgrades in their existing manufacturing facilities in other states.

According to Malaysian-based news agency, The Star, “Spritzer spent RM60mil in 2019 to build the recently completed automated warehouse in Taiping.”

Lim said that they expect for the facility innovations and improvements to result in more efficient loading time and delivery as well as more cost-effective operations in the long run.

 “We are confident that the demand for our bottled water will remain firm over the long term due to our strong brand equity and the consumers’ general preference for healthier beverages.”

The company boasts of manufacturing bottled waters in an environmentally friendly site surrounded by lush tropical rainforests greenery and a 420 feet water source, as stated in its official website.

Spritzer currently pours its products to Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Holland, Singapore and the United Kingdom.