The first lady of African country Lesotho has surrendered into authorities on Tuesday after she has been wanted for allegedly murdering the Prime Minister’s previous wife.

Maesaiah Thabane was questioned for the killing of her husband PM Thomas’ estranged wife Lipolelo who was reportedly shot dead outside her own house in June 2017.

Just last month, nearly three years after the murder, an arrest warrant was issued for Maesaiah after she refused to present herself to the police for questioning.

The first lady then immediately fled Lesotho to escape arrest and was said to have hidden in neighboring South Africa.

According to reports, the killing incident transpired two days ahead of the prime minister’s inauguration for a second term.

The PM has faced a humiliating loss back in 2015 when the High Court ruled that Lipolelo was the lawful first lady and entitled to benefits.

Despite the unfinalized divorce with the appellant (Lipolelo), it was found that the PM lived together with Maesaiah as if she was the legal spouse by savoring all the perks and funds that come with the position.

PM Thomas and Maesaiah only got married two months after Lipolelo’s death.

Earlier this month, the authorities have also interrogated the PM over the alleged use of his mobile phone to contact someone who was believed to be at the scene of the crime.

The 80-year-old PM, pressured over the allegations, has announced his plan to step down but did not specify the date of his resignation.