Explore Chinese President Xi Jinping's unprecedented address at the Brics summit, urging an immediate end to Israel's "collective punishment" in Gaza. Xi emphasizes the release of hostages, proposes a two-state solution, and highlights China's humanitarian aid efforts. Dive into this comprehensive coverage for insights into diplomatic strategies and the call for international action.

CHINA: 21 November 2023, During the Brics virtual summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the complex Gaza conflict, emphasizing China’s commitment to a diplomatic resolution and substantial humanitarian aid. Xi called for an immediate end to what he termed as Israel’s “collective punishment” on the people of Gaza, highlighting the interconnectedness of the Middle East’s security with the resolution of the Palestinian question.

President Xi stressed the release of civilian hostages by Hamas and asserted that a two-state solution is indispensable for achieving lasting peace in the region. China’s diplomatic strategy, as articulated by Xi, involved deepening alliances with non-Western multilateral groups like Brics and solidifying ties with the Global South. Unlike Western nations, China refrained from outright condemnation of Hamas, instead focusing its criticism on Israel’s actions.

Xi’s address underscored China’s active involvement in providing substantial humanitarian aid. He detailed the provision of $2 million in emergency funds through the United Nations and the Palestinian Authority, coupled with 15 million yuan in food and medical supplies sent via Egypt into the war zone. President Xi pledged continued assistance based on the evolving needs of the people, emphasizing the importance of maintaining secure and open humanitarian corridors.

Beyond the immediate crisis, Xi called for practical action from the international community to prevent further escalation and instability in the Middle East. This speech marked Xi Jinping’s commitment to China’s overarching strategy of strengthening ties with non-Western multilateral groups, such as Brics, and showcased a preference for diplomatic negotiations over military interventions. The president’s proactive engagement with foreign ministers from Arab and Muslim-majority countries in Beijing further demonstrated China’s commitment to facilitating a diplomatic resolution of the Gaza crisis.